The NEW 2013 Shinn King George II is now in stock.

Shinn King George III Kitesurf Kiteboard

Price: 575.00

Size matters!

Sizes: 146 x 46cm, 150 x 50cm

Shinn King George III Kitesurf Kiteboard

Toy for sunny light wind days. Jet fighter for the big guys.

Updated and refreshed, King George is still our trump for the XL board range. It’s great to be the first to plane and the last to stay upwind when the wind drops but the King was designed with more than that in mind.

Shinn King George III Kitesurf Kiteboard

Go ride in less than ideal conditions and enjoy your time on the water…. no rushing to the beach to grab your regular ride as soon as the conditions might be good for it. XL sizing,
3-D progressive stepped deck shaping and maximum efficiency rocker all contribute to allow you to push your boundaries no matter the day whilst maintaining plenty of built in control and versatility. If you need an XL board the King is the only one you need to look for.

Shinn King George III Kitesurf Kiteboard


FR8 Deck Mould
Used especially for the King George this 3D deck mould gives a large area of progressive flex transitioning from the thicker centre into the thinner tips. Faster planning yet still offering fantastic control, ideal for lighter winds and larger riders.

Progressive concave
Used to both stiffen the centre section of the deck without affecting the tip flex and at the same time decrease the rocker of the board when riding it flatter (ie under powered). Every Shinn features a progressive concave in the base.

Full wood core
When it comes to board cores the solution is clear. No other product offers the same strength to weight to reliability ratio. You expect the best and we give it to you full wood cores on all Shinn boards.

Made in Europe
By strictly manufacturing all our products in Europe we maintain the quality control and performance you have come to expect when buying a Shinn. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for – guaranteed!

2 year warranty
Here at Shinn we stand by our products and that’s why we offer you a full 2 year warranty. If your deck fails you we’ll replace it (terms and conditions apply).

Sneaker X connection system
Memory foam pad inserts, adjustable stance angles, non-slip buckle adjustment and zero tolerance nonslip surface all add up to the lightest and most comfortable deck connection system on the market today. more below

A lighter tech
Everyone knows that weight matters, all Shinn boards come in significantly lighter then their equivalents from other brands. Lighter on your feet, more reactive in the air and no strength compromises made to achieve it. In our case you really do pay for less!

Shinn King George III Kitesurf Kiteboard

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