Flash news!!!! It’s official that the extreme kiteboarder Ruben Lenten is on board with Best Kiteboarding!

As the first weekend of the 2013 Redbull King Of The Air gets underway in South Africa BEST Kiteboarding announces the addition of extreme kiteboarder Ruben Lenten to their international team.


Says Ruben “First of all I would like to thank Slingshot for all their support over the past 10 years. It’s been an absolute blast to ride and work with you guys. Thanks for all the experiences that I will never forget and also for helping me explore the limits of kiteboarding.

Now the time has come to move on and continue to follow my vision. My passion for kiteboarding is big, it’s my life and this partnership allows me to raise the bar of extreme kiteboarding even higher.

I can’t wait to get started and will keep you updated on the progress and testing of our new products.”

Best Kiteboarding and LEN10 will be working closely together to create the ‘best’ products.


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