A sneak peak of our zipper less wetsuit!


Like young kids after a little league win our newest creation has gotten us all excited. Back in 1969 when Al Green started Quiksilver, he never imagined being alive to see it grow into the monster it is now. Sure people have tried and all have been unsuccessful. Not because they didn’t have great ideas; their templates were on point. It was the wetsuit material that let them down. Now 43 years later we can finally say our material is so incredible that we don’t even need zippers. Not only is it much warmer than any other wetsuit we’ve made but it’s lighter too.


Why change what works, you ask? Because it’s been every wetsuit wearing grommets dream. A wetsuit with out zips and restrictions. Quiksilver is proud to announce the most revolutionary zipperless wetsuit ever made. The new 100% FN Lite wetsuit with zipper less entry and 100% hydrolocked sealed seems will put a smile on all day wettie wearers face. We tested on Kelly and Dane, and then tested on them again. Its finally ready for the world and for all those that have always dreamed of pure warmth with out any restrictions.

Stay tuned for release dates.

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