Shinn Red Kitesurfing Board

Shinn Red Kitesurfing Board – Price £475.00


Sizes: 129 x 39.5cm, 131 x 41cm, 133 x 42cm, 135 x 44cm

Mister Versatile

Less is more

Who needs the fancy Shinn-y designs. RED is our new super all-rounder; designed as a do everything, RED will take you everywhere, anytime. If you want to think about your riding and not your board this is the one. Capable of super carved turns and easy effortless upwind even in the choppiest of conditions, it’s a highly adaptable tool that will love your local spot.
Nothing beats the feeling of constant, fast progression.

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Shinn Womens Toyboy Kitesurfing Board 2013

Shinn Womens Toyboy Kitesurfing Board 2013 – Price £549.00


Sizes: 126 x 38cm, 128 x 39cm, 130 x 40cm

Ladies first

Performance in disguise

Coming back for it’s 3rd incarnation, the Toyboy shamelessly shares the Monk’s secret genetic code. Quietly going about it’s business of being the hardest carving, easiest popping and sweetest looking board on the market the Toyboy will put a smile on your face in even the craziest conditions.  Not a cut down nor cast off board for men, the Toyboy may be the most relevant thing to come to ladies kiteboarding this year.

Ladies beware, this Toyboy might become your groom!

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Shinn Womens Phenomenal Kitesurfing Board 2013

Shinn Womens Phenomenal Kitesurfing Board 2013 – Price £575.00

Freestyle / Freeride

Sizes: 134 x 39,5cm, 136 x 41,5cm

Ear-to-ear grin ahead

We’ve never been afraid to listen to you ladies so at your request we’ve developed a second board just for the chicas. Utilizing hydroflo technology first seen on the Supershinn, Phenomenal is equally at home with straps or bindings and generates a simply ridiculous amount of POP to help you nail those moves. Is it cheating or legalized performance enhancing, we’re not sure but if you’re a woman and like to ride hard this is the one for you.

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Shinn Speedball Kitesurfing Board
Shinn Speedball Kitesurfing Board 2013 – Price £575.00

Dynamic freeride

Sizes: W16, W18

Revolutionary! Game changer

Outside the box; created to make freeriding more dynamic than it’s ever been before. (Every once in a while a revolution comes along… ) Speedball doesn’t fit into any other category of twin tip. Maybe better to ask what it’s not, it’s not limited to one riding style, it’s not limited to a certain wind range and it won’t disappoint you no matter what day you ride it. Speedball is not just a game changer, it’s a whole new way of looking at the water.

“This one is the new kryptonite, yes, try it before you buy it if you like, but buy it you will… I did””

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Shinn Dundee Kitesurfing Board
Shinn Dundee Kitesurfing Board – Price £575.00


Sizes: 129 x 39.5cm, 131 x 41cm, 133 x 42cm, 135 x 44cm

Meet a superstar
Solid – manoeuvrable & swift

The board that goes everywhere, Dundee’s fame is built around it’s easy control and comfortable use, but it’s not afraid to show it’s teeth when pushed. Shorter and wider than comparable boards Dundee laps up waves, rips huge air and relishes in high speed carving – and all in conditions other boards would stutter in.

“An ultra tolerant board which inspires great confidence from it’s user, whatever the conditions Dundee will surprise you time and time again.”

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