The BRAND NEW Siren Collection from Cabrinha

Girls play just as hard as boys. In response to the growing demand for top quality, high performance, feminine gear, each product in the Siren Collection has been developed specifically for women. With this collection we bring you a pretty sweet option with real advantages for a smaller framed body. If you dance to your own tune you may find you’re not the only one that finds this series unbelievably tempting.

Cabrinha Womens Siren Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite 2013
Cabrinha Womens Siren Collection Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite 2013
Freeride / Wakestyle
Sizes: 6m, 7m, 8m, 10m, 12m
Siren Collection Switchblade
There are very few cases in the world of kite design where high performance and ease of use collide. The Cabrinha Switchblade is just one of those rare cases. The Switchblade is the worlds premier wakestyle kite. Powering the likes of Andre Phillip to legendary status in his pursuit of core wakestyle riding. One of the elements that make this kite so perfect for wakestyle riding AND all round freestyle riding is its predictability. It has pitch perfect balance when riding unhooked and a light bar pressure when riding hooked in. The Cabrinha Switchblade has undergone a few strategic improvements in 2013 to enhance its efficiency and turning speed (especially in the larger sizes) without compromising the legendary “feel” that has made the Switchblade the world’s best selling kite model.
Siren Collection

Cabrinha Womens XO Siren Collection Kiteboard 2013
Complete with Fins, Fin screws, Handle and handle screws

Sizes: 129×39, 133x40cm

Womens Freestyle / Freeride

The XO Siren model is inspired by none other than the one and only Susi Mai. As a leader in performance riding and a role model for many, it was an easy task to create a board suited to her needs and the needs of the growing population of women in kiteboarding. Our approach to developing the XO was to start from scratch and engineer this board from the ground up. The result is a performance freestyle model with a
soft / responsive flex. Details like appropriate sizes and widths, narrower stance options and lighter weights all make this board the ideal choice for women of all levels.

Designed with SUSI MAI

Women Specific Flex Pattern
Designed specifically to meet the demands of our female riders.

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Cabrinha Womens XO Siren Collection Kiteboard 2013
Siren Collection
Cabrinha Siren Quick Link Control System 2013
You will not find a more ergonomic control system, with more built in features than the QuickLink Control System with IDS. QuickLink is simply the cleanest control device on the market today. QuickLink is the first control system on the market to internalize all of the lines,swivels, and quick releases so that the rider has an uncluttered and seamless device to control the kite. With over 14 important functions thoughtfully integrated into the control system, QuickLink works with your body’s intuitive movements for easy and efficient operation.The QuickLink control system utilizes our exclusive IDS security system with three stages of depower.
Cabrinha Siren Quick Link Control System 2013


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