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The NEW 2013 Range of Liquid Force Kite Surfboards are now in stock!

Liquid Force 4'10 Little Phatty Kite Surfboard 2013

Liquid Force 4’10 Little Phatty Kite Surfboard 2013
Price £729.00

You’ll Love the feel of the phatty.

Size : L: 4’10” W: 20 15/16” V: 26.4L

Weight : 3.35kg

For powered riding to lightwind breezes in real-world slop, the 4.10 Fatty is a compact shape that can carve turns or let you snap right through them. But it’ll hold it’s own as waves increase in size or when the wind picks up.

The full nose combined with a classic diamond-tail shape makes it a versatile ride, and the high volume in a compact size offers true light-wind performance. The short length keeps it turny, snappy, and quick to change direction. Designed by Julien Fillion.

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Liquid Force 5'7 FCD Kite Surfboard 2013

Liquid Force 5’7 LCD Kite Surfboard 2013
Price £729.00

Made by a surfer, engineered for kitesurfers.

Sizes : L: 5’7” W: 17 1/8” V: 20.74L

Weight : 3.41kg

Low entry rocker. Deep rail-to-rail concave through the tail. The 5.7 Fletcher Chouinard designed narrow quad-finned squash tail is built for speed in a wide range of conditions. A smooth ride that many have called “pure magic”.

The versatile shape and size of the 5’7” FCD makes it small, medium, or big surf, whether it’s barreling reef break or onshore slop. It’s a narrow board that picks up speed quickly so you can put yourself where you want to be on the wave.

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Liquid Force 5'9 CJ Kite Surfboard 2013

Liquid Force 5’9 CJ Kite Surfboard 2013
Price £729.00

You need float. You need power. You need speed. then clearly you need the 5’9” CJ.

Size : L: 5’9” W: 17 15/16” V: 23.46L

Weight : 3.7kg

The brainchild of renowned Liquid Force athlete/designer Julien Fillion, the CJ is a highly refined shape ready to charge Hookipa, JAWS, Jalama – or your own backyard break. It’s a high performance board for high performance riding.

For powered riding in choppy, large conditions, the 5’9” CJ is your go-to do it all surf kiteboard. High entry rocker, combined with a narrow outline means it rips through turns. Extra float provides pure planing power.

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Liquid Force 5'10 Slice Kite Surfboard 2013

Liquid Force 5’10 Slice Kite Surfboard 2013
Price £729.00

Peaky beach waves, reef sets, reeling point breaks, the 5’10” slice lets you rip it up.

Size : L: 5’10” W: 18 1/4” V: 25.31L

Weight : 3.67kg

This is a board built by kiters for whom riding waves is the first priority. Volume around the middle offers float and speed, while the tucked in moontail enables toe-tip turning. If pure surfing style is in your blood, you want the 5’10” Slice.

The 5’10” Slice offers a classic three-fin thruster set up, creating drive and speed through the bottom turn and projection off the lip. Combined with medium-to-low progressive rocker, the Slice is a board that won’t let you stand still.

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Liquid Force 6'0 Joystick Kite Surfboard 2013

Liquid Force 6’0 Joystick Kite Surfboard 2013
Price £729.00

Time to charge big surf? grab Your Joystick.

Size : L: 6’0” W: 18 5/8” V: 26.29L

Weight : 3.9kg

For fearless riders attacking big surf and charging heavy reef slabs, the 6’0” Joystick has the speed and maneuverability to succeed. If you want a big-wave assault weapon, we’ve got it. Play in big waves with the Joystick.

The narrow outline and slightly pulled-in dims make this board a smooth carving machine. Mini swallow-tail with a deep single concave, and a responsive flex pattern. Quad fin set up offers plenty of speed and grip.

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