The Switchblade is a favourite amongst us at King of Watersports; we always have a quiver in the van!

Our very own KoW princess and Cabrinha team rider has been on Switchblades since 2010 and would not have it any other way…Ash tells us why…

I’ve tried and tested so many kites out there (hard life I know) but none have ever quite compared to the Switchblade. I enjoy trying pop tricks, unhooked tricks and boosting high, the Switchblade delivers on all of the above! Pulling the kite out the bag for the 1st time is literally better than xmas!  You have the main kite bag, bar in a separate, sealed bag, pump, extremely informative manuals and I was surprised to find an extra bag for when you leave your struts inflated.

 The Switchblade is an extremely stable kite in the sky, meaning for a beginner it will give you confidence in knowing that it’s exactly where you told it to be, no twitching! This is also a major asset for trying wake/pop tricks, the kite will stay put. 
The term ‘bar pressure’ translates to how hard the kite pulls on the bar; the heavier this pressure, the more direct feel you have on the kite. The less pressure, the feel of the kite is less prominent. In the case of the Switchblade, the pressure is medium to high. You know that when you sheet in the kite will deliver the power exactly as you want it, I feel it gives more control of kite and the moves I can make. What’s even more amazing about this kite is that you can adjust the kite to a ‘Freeride’ setting to decrease the bar pressure – winner!

If you’re a newbie to the sport or trying to hone a new trick, the chances of you crashing your kite are pretty high! I never worry about this, I have been mashed in ridiculous waves and the kite has still popped up into the sky, saving my skin! Not only that, the thing is bomb proof, it just lasts and lasts! (I’ve been smashing my 2010 7m Switchblade for 2 years until I got a shnazzy new one!) And this is the same for all Cabrinha kites. You can feel this when you take it out of its plastic bag for the very 1st time, all crispy and new… the kite material will last longer than a Duracell bunny.

Something that every kiter has or should have in the back of their mind is safety. I have never felt safer on any kite than I do on a Cabrinha and it’s down to the QuickLink Control bar system, which has been designed to perfection. It’s a bonus that it’s a sleek, easy to use and ultimately a safe bar system. IDS stands for Intelligent Depower System, meaning should you need to, you can depower your bar quickly and safely.

The Cabrinha Switchblade ticks all the boxes for me, as a wake/freestyle rider but if this isn’t the rout for you Cabrinha has a kite to suit every style of rider.

Click Here to view the full range of Cabrinha Kites.

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