IntroducingToday, Cabrinha have now become a force within the directional market in Kitesurfing. This year’s S-Quad presents a new cork construction (which is insanely tough) and is aimed at the all round strapped and un- strapped market.

Build and Construction
The new cork “Eco-Series” brings an entirely new approach to kitesurf boards with its new environmental friendly cork layer within the surfboard itself. This new approach has meant the board is even lighter than last year but is even tougher and stronger. The 2012 S-Quad is supported by pretty pimp looking Alutex rails and the improved flex is relatively soft and works well when driving around a wave.

As the name suggests, the only fin option is quad, the continued 4 fin setup makes the board positive when pushing through high speed turns and larger waves but feels at home even in smaller waves. The future fins have been specifically designed to meet the needs of kiters over surfers. The S-Quad is designed to be ridden at speed – especially the 6’1. The shape of the S-Quad 2012 is a true surf shape, with the classic plan-shape that you’ll see across the world in all surf spots. A nice rounded tale and not an excessive amount of rocker, the S-Quad with its double concave is perfect to generate speed when driving it down the line of a wave.

That said, we aren’t all going to be riding in perfect cross-off surf but the S-Quad is good enough to keep you trucking along is less than ideal waves and conditions.

PerformanceI really enjoyed riding the S-Quad, it’s got plenty of float and gets you up riding nicely and quickly and it just feels ‘right’ under the foot. The board is super light and (maybe it’s just in your head!) but the cork makes it feels super lively and quick. The shape and quad fin set up deliver continuous drive and you can tell it’s a board made for power and speed. Even in less than ideal conditions, the 6’1 was happy to lay down plenty of turns and make some rain with ease. Even the smaller size the 5’7 feels at home in mushier conditions. The increased flex also seems to be spot on – you can feel it holding power as you drive off the bottom of your turn, giving the whole board feel a nice whip feeling as you come off the top. No problems with the upwind ability at all, the rails really come into work and you can really load the board up and make plenty of upwind progress.

The LookThe S-Quad 2012 board looks the business. I like it. Everyone who notices it likes it. Therefore, all bases of the looks are covered. It has a simple white design but pimp looking graphics at the tail. It just looks “right”.

Final WordsI liked it last year, and i like it this year. It’s an easy, fun, yet super progressive wave board that pretty much anyone can step on and smile about. It turns like a dream, doesn’t throw you off without straps, and the cork construction is clearly a big environmental plus… So all in all, a perfect surfboard for anyone.

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Cabrinha S-Quad Kite Surfboard 2012


– 5’7” x 18 1/2” x 2
– 5’10” x 18 3/4” x 2
– 6’1” x 19 1/4” x 2 5/8”

Tested & Review by Joe Taylor

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