The O’Neill Psycho RG8 Series takes the best aspects of our incredible Zen-Zip closure found in our Psycho wetsuits and uses this same technology in a front-zip entry.

The F.U.Z.E. closure system is an easier entry & exit, along with added warmth using RG8- Air Firewall. Tested by O’Neill’s most intense team riders in the most frigid waters across the globe.

PROJECT RE•GENERATE O’Neill first began incorporating recycled plastics and bottles into our RG8 Series Wetsuits and Lycra UV products in 2009. By working closely with our factories, and a handful of outside partners, O’Neill continues to find real solutions to the ecological waste issues facing the surf industry today. O’Neill work tirelessly with their global partners to find better ways to recycle scrap neoprene at the end of the wetsuit lifecycle. O’Neill are discovering new ways to refine scrap neoprene and re-introduce it into other materials to build a variety of components and products typically made with first generation neoprene. O’Neill is excited to be at the forefront with this program and its efforts to reduce, re-use, and re-generate the products that keep you in the water longer.

Key Features:

1x Fluid Seam WeldSilicone-based urethane seal applied to the opposite side of a glued and blindstitched seam. Blocks out water without restricting flexibility.
100% Ultra Flex RG8Super gooey, gumballistic material in an environmentally friendly option

F.U.Z.E. Closure SystemFront Upper Zip Entry uses the same zipper technology as our Z.E.N. Zip closure keeping you dry without restricting flexibility.

Back Panel Ultraflex FirewallMeasurably Lighter, Warmer and More Flexible (30% More Stretch)

Krypto Knee PadzAbrasion resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping designed to extend the life of the wetsuit and protect the knee while punching through waves.

Super Seal CuffsNew water tight cuff system. The most advanced streamline cuff available. O’Neill’s new Super Seal Cuff is fused to create a very low profile at the cuff ending. The low profile prevents water entry and improves durability in your wrist and ankles.

Minimal Seam DesignBigger panels, less seams. Ultimate flexibilty and performance.
Minimal seams for maximum flexibility.

O’Neill Psycho RG8 3×2 Wetsuit Spring 2012
SKU 3848
Price £224.95

O’Neill Psycho RG8 4×3 Wetsuit Spring 2012
SKU 3849
Price £239.95

O’Neill Psycho RG8 5×3 Wetsuit Spring 2012
SKU 3851
Price £249.95

O’Neill Psycho RG8 5×4 Hooded Wetsuit Spring 2012
SKU 3850
Price £269.95

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