Take a look a these lovely new kiteboards that Mr Shinn has coming to you for 2012.

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Shinn Street Kitesurfing Board – £429.00
Sizes: 133 x 39.5, 135 x 41, 137 x 42.5
The naked Shinn
Welcome to a new possibility of peak performance
We listened to our core riders! We combined the hooligan tendencies from the Monk with the raw grip and POP of the Supershinn. The Street redefines the very nature of cross over, bringing all things to all riders, combining our CC rocker and Squoval mould with a fresh dynamic flex pattern and more progressive outline. This might be the only board you’ll ever need. Your wallet will like you! The Street comes naked. No pads, no straps, no fins. Just the board; the naked Shinn! We bring you the supreme quality and finish you expect from us without the price tag you dread.

Shinn The Dundee Kitesurfing Board – £549.00
Sizes: 129 x 39.5, 131 x 41, 133 x 42, 135 x 44
Welcome to the newest tool in the Shinn Freeride armoury.Proudly stepping into the line up to replace the departing Luigi, Dundee continues a fine tradition of doing everything and anything with no fuss and no drama.
High speed carving, huge jumping, early planning, – effortless control no matter how good or bad the conditions might be, no other board caters for the high performance freerider like this one.
Adopting the Squoval deck mould and Constant Curve rocker brings to Dundee the chop munching, knee saving tendencies our range are famous for whilst the bi-radial outline and reduced length per width provide un-paralleled poise and control so desired in a board where versatility is paramount.

Shinn Gintronic II Kitesurfing Board – £499.00
Sizes: 132 x 39.5, 134 x 41, 136 x 42, 138 x 44
One board to rule them allFollowing in the footsteps of the popular and acclaimed 2011 version we bring you the new tweaked, tuned and polished 2012 Gintronic. If you thought last years was easy then get ready…. You ain’t seen nothing yet!
By increasing the length per width we’ve added to the drive and grip without increasing leg pressure, at the same time tweaking the bi-laterial tail flex improves the auto-pilot ride feel that makes it so easy to progress with your riding whilst still having fun.
The new Gintronic defies chop, flies upwind and yet planes on a summers breeze all the time allowing you to think about what YOU want to do and not what your board ALLOWS you to do.

Shinn Womens Toyboy Kitesurfing Board – £549.00
Sizes: 126 x 38, 128 x 39, 130 x 40
Ladies first
You want style and variety and expect the bestThe ultimate proof of Shinn’s commitment to Mrs, Miss and Ms Kiter. Featuring the latest revolutionary constant curve rocker technology our Toyboy is packed-full with women’s specific properties. Our top secret flex pattern ensures grip and power, yet brings superb control and easy turning capabilities into the game.
The Toyboys effortless POP combined with the legendary Shinn smooth ride will make every one of you ladies smile through every session.

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