Russell Winter wins Nike 6.0 Nightsurf!

This weekend’s Nike 6.0 Night Surf saw UK Pro Surf Tour leader and local, Russell Winter picking up the top spot in the Open and adding a healthy £3k to his bank account. With a consistency and competition experience that is unrivaled in the UK, Winter did everything he needed to do to secure the leaders spot on the tour and retain his yellow rash vest.

In the Longboard category Ben Skinner showed off his talent, mixing traditional longboard moves with progressive tricks including an aerial in the finals. The win makes it four years in a row of UK Pro Surf Tour titles and reinforces his position as a global force to be reckoned with.


Luis Eyre in the Pro Jnrs proved that his time down in Portugal is paying dividends in his surfing as he claimed another title to add to his collection. Australia’s Amy Stewart dominated the Women’s category unleashing a talent that would see her fair well in the Open and giving other women in the division a level to aspire to.

All the winners showed stunning form throughout the day and into the floodlight Saturday night. With conditions dropping off throughout the day riders were challenged to pull out all the stops at the critical moment with the spoils going to those that demonstrated both skill and competition experience.

Organised by the UK Pro Surf Association (UKPSA) and presented by Nike 6.0, the event held on the world famous Fistral Beach, Newquay saw the largest ever turnout for a UK Pro Tour stop. With a large screen aiding close up action and some epic commentary from Sam Lamiroy and Lee Bartlett, crowds stayed on the beach until midnight to see the champagne popping prize giving.

Newquay was also stop number three of the 2011 Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks European tour, and the first time ever this exciting event format has been held in the UK. Ruebyn Ash from Bude has dominated the event so far picking up a win in Spain and a second in Portugal. Entering as a favourite in the UK leg he added another win to his summer pulling some gems out from his sack full of tech tricks including a frontside varial, a passion pop and a backside mute air reverse.
Nike 6.0 surfer Charly Martin, from Guadalope came in second with his own trick offering that included a superman and a front blow tail in what is one of the most innovative comp tours of the summer.

The night was finished off with a dazzling firework display and a great performance from San Franciscan newcomer Hanni El Khatib, whose track ‘I Got A Thing’ features on the Nike’s latest ‘Just Do It’ TV advert.

Nike 6.0 Night Surf – Results

1st £250 Liam Murray-Strout
2nd £125 Cieran Huges
3rd £75 Gabriel Ley
4th £50 Sonny Timson

U16 Girls

1st £250 Lucy Campbell
2nd £125 Emilie Currie 
3rd £75 Flora Lawton
4th £50 Georgia Timson

U16 Boys
1st £250 Will Davey
2nd £125 Taz Knight
3rd £75 Harry De Roth
4th £50 Rhys Barfield

Pro Jnr

1st £1000 Luis Eyre
2nd £400 Luke Dillon
3rd £250 George Picking
4th £120 Alex Baker

1st £500 – Ben Skinner
2nd £250 – Ben Haworth
3rd £150 – Angus Murray
4th £100 – Adam Griffiths


1st £1200 Amy Stewart
2nd £500 Hannah Harding
3rd £300 Beth Mason
4th £200 Gwen Spurlock

1st £3000 Russell Winter
2nd £1400 Gordon Fontaine
3rd £900 Richard Sills
4th £700 Oli Adams

Cash For Tricks
1st Reubyn Ash £1610
2nd Charly Martin £560
3rd Edouard Delpero £450
4th Jayce Robinson £420
5th Thomas Joncour £390
6th Joss Ash £325 

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