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After 12 races and 3 discards in more than challenging conditions, with winds up to 25 knots and breaking seas of 3+ meters, Johnny Heineken is the new world champion in kite course racing, closely followed by 2010 world champion Adam Koch in 2nd, both riding the 2011 Ozone EDGE kites.

Johnny kicked off the first event day with 3 bullets and a RDG for second place. Adam came out of day one with one bullet, two seconds and one third place.

Day two the wind turned onshore and the sea became more choppy. Unfortunately after the first race of the day, the committee boat had an engine break down which resulted in the remaining schedule for the day being canceled with not much change in the rankings.

Day 3 conditions remained excellent with onshore wind, breaking waves on the starting line and some nice shore pound to giving the extra challenge of getting off the beach. With a late start and 20+ knots of wind the Ozone team all pumped up their 9m Edges and charged out through the big onshore waves. Some real carnage was happening in the fleet, but their training made the difficult conditions fun. Johnny and Adam continued to dominate with Johnny taking 2 firsts and a 2nd followed closely at every turn by Adam with a 1,2,2 for the day.

Day 4 came, and it started to become survival training, not only for the competitors but especially for the boat crews of the race committee and the rescue jet ski drivers. Waves were rolling in at 3 meters high and breaking up to 200 meters from the beach. Another 4 races were completed leaving not much room for changes.

Day 5 and 6 forced the race committee then to abandon any racing as it was impossible to get the boats out of the harbor and drive them up to the event side 15 km against wind and waves which in the meantime had built up to 25+ knots and 4-5m high at the south tip of the island. As there was no way that the results would change significantly on the podium so the racers were not too disappointed to be allowed to stay on shore.

In the end, Johnny Heineken took the 2011 world title winning all races except two!

Well done to the Ozone team!

Ozone Team Top 15 Results
1. John Heineken
2. Adam Koch
9. Chip Wasson
12. Adam Vance
13. Andrew Koch

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