The Flexifoil PROTON offers the easy re-launch, predictable flight, stability and quick turns that the rider needs to master the waves, or simply cruise across the flats with confidence… oh and did we mention it now looks better than ever?

Flexifoil has refined an already successful kite to an even greater level. This year you’ll see overall weight reductions and trailing edge modifications creating a smoother, more predictable flight, whilst bridle and wing-tip alterations increase relaunch-ability and turn speed. Flexifoil have focused on the rider. Handing them a kite that they can have confidence in. Allowing them to master the board skills they need to take on the ocean’s biggest waves, or simply tack those first few runs after school.

Flexifoil Proton 7m Price £549.95

Flexifoil Proton 9m Price £619.95

Flexifoil Proton 12m Price £699.95

Add the Flexifoil All in One Bar & Lines for additional £239.95

What to Expect


This year’s Proton has refined wingtips optimised for each kite size to increase relaunch-ability and turn speed. Amplified over the larger sizes, this gives you the responsiveness you need to navigate the waves and assures you that if it all goes wrong, you’ll be back up in no time. The new design also reduces the weight on the wingtips, contributing to an overall weight saving.

Leading edge durability has been maximized with more protective strips on the most common wear points to protect from contact with the ground.

The Proton this year sees refinement right down to a manufacturing level where we’ve eliminated all 90 degree corners in the Dacron cage to produce a better sail shape, giving you greater stability and a truer flight.

Every size has seen the trailing edge construction enhanced, creating a smoother airflow and reducing aerodynamic resonance, giving you a smoother, more predictable flight characteristic. The 12m kite has also seen a substantial weight saving as a result of these enhancements.

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