Exclusive to King of Watersports

Rip Curl E Bomb Chest Zip 5×3 LTD Edition Wetsuit 2011 £239.95

This wetsuit is EXCLUSIVE to King of Watersports, you won’t be able to get it anywhere else!

Colour: Charcoal / Black / Grey

E Bomb Ultimate Flexibility – Lighter, Warmer and More Flexible!

This is the most high performance wetsuit available. The E Bomb has 100% E3 Neoprene with Liquid tape, making it amazingly flexible while achieving unparalleled durability.

100% Elastomax 3

The third generation of Elastomax Superstretch Neoprene. Lighter, Warmer and More Flexible.

Chest Zip

A front closure system that provides the freedom of a zip free suit with the easy access of a back zip.

3/4 External Liquid Tape

A flexible and durable seal applied to the outside of glued and blindstitched seam.


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