RRD 9m Obsession 2011 Kitesurf Kite

RRD 9m Obsession 2011 Kitesurf Kite

Add RRD Global Bar and lines for an additional £325.00

OBSESSION MKIII “Pure blood, adrenaline driven”
The new SLE kite in our line. It has gained worlwide recognition for being an “RRD Icon”. The Obsession MKIII is today the most advanced yet userfriendly kite in the world. Slightly revised in important details, like improved turning speed on big sizes and constant pull on kite loops, we have been able to create even a more stable kite, with and incredible 10-15% more power and improved easiness to ride “unhooked”. Slightly higher bar pressure compared to MKII version. The new trendsetter in speed and progressive smooth power in all areas of the flying window. Perfect for kiteloops and power moves, great for every serious kiteboarder.

Program: Freestyle

Sizes: 15m – 13.5m – 12m – 10.5m – 9m – 7m – 6m – 5m



More Low end Power;

Progressive de-power;

Medium Bar pressure;

Improved turning speed on size 10.5 > up;

Constant pull on kite loops.

Technology of construction:

LE Parallel seams for maximum strenght and lower stretching;

Full Dacron leech and wingtips;

PVC round label strut end protectors;

Metallic PU strut end reinforcements;

DP 175 LL Dacron;

Tejin T9600 Canopy.


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