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Flexifoil Hadlow Pro 11m Kitesurfing Kite 2011 comes complete with Hadlow Pro Kite Kite, Pump, Instructions, Registration Pack, Kite Storage BagAdd hadlow Pro bar for additional £274.9548cm conteol Bar and Lines
Fresh for 2011 is the new HADLOW by Flexifoil. An evolution of 2009’s Hadlow Pro, the 3rd generation of Aaron’s world class signature kite see’s retention of the C-kite performance that the series is reputed for, with a strong element of accessibility added for this year’s iteration.
Having already nailed the hardcore freestyle attitude of the HADLOW, Aaron has focused on opening the kite up to a new market through the development of an innovative and unique depowered kite setting. With the kite now capable of achieving over 50% more depower under the alternative setting, the versatility of the HADLOW across all conditions, be it freestyle, wave or snow, more than matches its precision, speed and power through the air.
2011 also brings a refinement in the freestyle attitude of the kite on both settings, with a much more solid feeling throughout; the HADLOW now produces even more pop on demand to make your tricks more explosive. On the smaller sizes, the speed and feel combines to get the kite down and more extreme into megaloops, but stays fast enough to stop you from dropping out of the sky. On bigger sizes, overall handling is improved to give you more confidence and ease into and out of tricks, whether hooked or unhooked.
If you’re looking to take the next step forward in freestyle kitesurfing, then the 2011 HADLOW is all you need. With its unique innovative depowered setting, the HADLOW gives you the opportunity to step back from the extremities of Aaron’s abilities when you want to, but push yourself and challenge your skills when you need to.
Technical Information
Innovative Depowered Setting The 2011 HADLOW is the world’s first kite to feature two power settings, with a depowered setting offering over 50% more depower. This creates a kite that is versatile across wider wind ranges, and allows even greater personal accommodation to whatever style you need. With a simple transition between each mode, taking only a few minutes either way, you’ll be out on the water for longer whatever the conditions.
If you’re a wave rider looking for that perfect C-kite, or a freestyle rider looking for a kite to push beyond your current limits at a pace that you control, then there is no better machine than the 2011 HADLOW.
Leading Edge RedesignThe 2011 model HADLOW has seen significant improvements to the leading edge, with a 2.5% increase in diameter, to prevent folding or bending on the water, ease relaunch and add greater stability and a much more solid feel in the air. Leading edge junctions feature an all new design, changing to a true-round profile to improve relaunch and offer a stiffer airframe under loading.
Webbing on all leading edge junctions has been used in this year’s kite to offer even more strength and durability, meaning that the 2011 HADLOW is a kite that can take some serious punishment.
Canopy ImprovementsThe canopy of the 2011 iteration of the HADLOW now features a 5-cell centre section perfect suited to improve flying characteristics through a smoother power delivery. The trailing edge has also been improved this year with a triple ply construction offering greater durability.
Construction and Material ImprovementsThis year’s model HADLOW carries Kevlar protection patches on the leading edge, to provide greater enhancements to strength and robustness, giving you the protection and confidence in your equipment you need to throw caution to the wind and push yourself and your kite to the limits.
Dump valves have been added to both ends of the kite to account for varied rolling preferences and reduce the possibility of damaging one side of the kite through excessive handling. Additionally, lap seams have been used across the sail for a cleaner and more accurate aerofoil, to provide a smoother and more solid power delivery.
Six Strut SystemThe Hadlow Pro brought six struts to the forefront of the kite industry and the HADLOW continues with this winning format. By creating a smoother, more rounded canopy, the kite achieves greater drive through kite loops and gives improved feedback from the bar, to let you know at all times where it is in the sky and what it’s doing.
“This 2011 HADLOW is undoubtedly one of the highest performance kites about … you can now enjoy a solid, fast bit of kit that will enhance your skills, improve your style and take you to the next level.”Aaron Hadlow – Flexifoil Kitesurfing Team Rider

New Flexifoil Hadlow pro now available

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