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Check out the Naish Park 2011 Kite


Naish Park 12m Kitesurfing Kite 2011
Comes complete with Kite, Bag and pump

Add the Naish Universal Control System for an additional £299.00
comes complete with instructional manual, Universal Control Bar and 20m lines.

Sizes : 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m

Freeride Simplicity

Design Aim: Riders looking for simple, no-fuss performance. The Park is a performance-focused kite condensed into an easy, simple package.

The Park’s three-strut design is stable and responsive. This configuration, combined with a powerful profile and full outline gives the Park the consistent pull of a “C” type kite and the power control of a swept kite.
The swept leading edge positions the wingtips behind the center of the kite, which gives the kite easy relaunchcapabilities and maximizes depower. The “do everything” nature of the Park opens up a huge range of performance options for the rider. It is the perfect tool whether you are focusing on sticking that handle-pass rotation, bashing the lip, or maximizing your freeride time on the water.

The Park is LWR compatible.


• Swept Compact C
• Power Foil Canopy
• Evolutive profile
• Low Drag Wing Tip
• Radial Segmented C-shape
• Octopus Inflation System
• Solid frame Canopy
• Radial Load Distribution
• LWR compatible
• Universal Control System

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