JP 2011 X-Cite Ride FWS Windsurf Board

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JP 2011 X-Cite Ride FWS Windsurf Board

Sizes 122L, 134L, 146L, 158L


The name X-Cite Ride has developed into a trademark for easy going and entertaining free ride boards with excellent maneuverability. The boards inspire confidence through its faultless delivery of performance and control, stimulating the senses of the freeride novices and sportier orientated riders alike. If wanted you can also really drive the fin to ‘free’ the hull and reach performance levels far beyond the expected.

When developing this new generation 5 our major ambition was to create a board range with unrivalled sailing comfort, easily accelerating towards max speed, planing through the jibe without hesitation whilst staying well on track. Ultimately we wanted to create boards which are very easy to control and allow everyone to go fast.


Resisting the temptation to change the proven basic dimensions too much, we focused our attention on producing a very stable and balanced board, whether planing or not. The volume distribution makes it a very stable platform and tolerant to non specific foot placement, whilst encouraging the rider to get planing in hardly any wind.

We straightened the outline curve between the straps, improving the boards response to rail pressure changes and initiating maneuvers. Consequently becoming narrower through this section of the board, once railed up into the jibe you can switch to auto pilot style. The board maintains its jibing radius and carries its speed right to the end, making planing jibes a reality even for novices and intermediate sailors. On the other hand, you can choose the sporty version where you drive the rails harder in a more powerful style, resulting in a high speed jibe with unbelievable acceleration at the end that will blow your mind. No matter what you do you will nearly always exit your jibe as fast as you entered.

The straighter outline curve progresses to a marginally wider tail, this improves the sailing stance since you find yourself in a more parallel body position in relation to the center line of the board. Keeping the sail sheeted in is a piece of cake. A more parallel stance creates even pressure on both feet when sailing, spreading the load. Long runs become effortless and you now find yourself experiencing high speed in total comfort.

The deck shape of the X-Cite Ride is refined to match the many different footstrap options on offer, the correct deck radius is crucial to the search for ultimate comfort with every strap setup option.

New scoop rocker lines make the boards feel light under the feet and let the boards ride high on the water to fly over the chop. The double concave Vee in the front and mid section of the board also supports the comfortable ride, giving you the feeling that the chop does not even exist.

Towards the back we use our trademark channel concept which provides the board with extra lift, grip and maneuverability since the rail line is more curved than the inside line of the channel. This combines the best of both worlds – performance and maneuverability.


Fantastic UMMearly planing freeride boards which offer a quite unique riding sensation as they go so fast, so comfortably. It will never get out of control. It feels very crisp and light under foot as well as very responsive to foot steering. A fun jiber ? for the advanced who will enjoy its carving jibe abilities, as well as for the short board beginner, who needs a forgiving board.

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