New to Ion Fuse Drysuit 4×3 DL 2011

dry warm elastic safe
High end premium Drysuit with ground breaking technology is a synergy between conventional snug fit wetsuits and baggy style nylon fabric dry suits.
It combines the advantages without inheriting the weaknesses of both concepts.

Double lined:a second jersey lining is often applied to provide abrasion resistance and add some color and design options to the black neoprene skin.

Glued Blindstich Application: this seam technology is most commonly used for thicker wetsuits from approx. 5 – 2 mm thick neoprene which requires completely waterproof seams.

Gluing: the edges of of the neoprenen panels are covered with a highly adhesive , UV resistant contact glue, which needs to dry for a few minutes. Then the glue is applied for a second time to make itmore sticky.Assembling: noe the corresponding parts of the neoprene edges are put together by hand and then firmly squeeed with an electric tool cm by cm to achieve high tearing strength.

Sewing: after glueing the seams are stiched on the inside with a special blind-stitch sewing machine. A curved needle pokes through the neoprene layer and applied an elastic seam on the outside.

Pros: by unsing this technique, the seam id highly tear proof, elastic and complete watertight and provides insulation and comfort.Cons: this manufacturing process id highly comlex and time consuming and therefore very expensive.

k type neoprene
This shock absorbing neoprene type is used for the ION crash_padz to reach a maximum of protection in stress areas.

n type neoprenethis new neoprene type is even softer and provides more stretch than the s_type neoprene. It’s the most elastic neoprene on the market and is used for double lined panels in the collar, arm, shoulder and armpit area in quantum, strike and jewel series.
s type neoprene ION wetsuits are all completely made of Sheico’s s_type neoprene which is one of the most elastic neoprene types on the market. It’s also very warm and lightweight due to its specific cell structure.

Seam Reinforcementscrucial stress points are reinforced either with MelcoTape on the inside or rubber logo patches on the outside.

Dry ZipCompletely waterproof due to premium TIZIP® master seal dryzipper.
Latex CuffHighly elastic SEAMTITE®

Latex cuffs to prevent water leaking into the drysuit.
Water DrainWater which enters through the back zipper can leak out easily and keep the back area dry.

Key Loop

Lime stoneION have retreated from the oil based neoprene production process. Instead, ION use a process which relies on Limestone as a raw material. Limestone largely consists of calcium carbide, which is the main ingredient for all types of neoprene. Calcium carbide is then mixed together with other components to create specific neoprene densities and structures to serve the needs of the designers.

Inside MaterialD-fence nylon double lined jersey for good flex and strong abrasion resistance.

Outside Material4,0 mm neoprene completly double lined d-fence nylon. Supra Tex reinforcement on knee/buttock area.

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