F.One 2011 Bandit 4 Kite Surfing Kites available at www.kingofwatersports.com


F.One Bandit 4 9m Kitesurfing Kite Comes with Kite – Kite leash – Extendable kite bagAdd Airlite Bar and Lines for an additional £299.95

Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 14mWith the Bandit IV F-One presents a brand new shape, we’ve modified it’s span, it’s wing-tips, it’s profile, the number of struts and the leading edge diameter. All this in order to get a kite that excels in all conditions and in all disciplines.

The Bandit IV has an increased C Shape but still features the same Delta as the Bandit III – an original design feature from F.one

The Bandit IV is hugely stable, has masses of depower and still features the auto- relaunch system. 3 struts enable you to have a lighter kite which is smoother and more dynamic. The square tips offer options for the positioning of the rear lines to tune the turning characteristics – the aerodynamic shape gives increased support whilst it turns.

The large sizes of the Bandit IV are oriented towards power in lighter winds and smaller sizes towards control for when the wind’s up. The profile and structure of the Bandit IV offer increased stability for better control and depower at the high end. In lighter winds the kite is more efficient and a joy to handle due to it’s reduced weight, reactivity and instantaneous power. The bar feeling is direct but light, it doesn’t overload the arms.

When riding unhooked, the Bandit IV won’t overpower and stays really light. The bar feeling has never been so precise and direct – while kitelooping the speed of the kite is faster and offers a small boost or lifting effect when returning to the zenith making landings buttery smooth!
We have overcome an extremely difficult challenge – the Bandit IV excels in each and every discipline. Our constant testing and R&D have resulted in a kite with a feeling and qualities that have never been matched before.It suits every style of riding from wake to surf and requires no time to adapt to…F-One Bandit 4

Increased wind window for a constant forward pull
Legendary low end Bandit wind range
New oustanding high end control
Excellent stability over the entire range
Shorter bar clearance for full power / depower Smooth bar traction while unhooked
Increased Upwind and Speed Performance
Maximum Depower with a shorter depower rope
Lighter bar feeling and direct confident feeling Better control of the profile and shape in high wind range for impressed performance and control

F-One Bandit Control Bar and Lines:
Functional pulley free control bar, using multiple safety attachments, on the fly stopper ball, for easy bar adjustments and safe “push away” depower.

F-One have spend a lot of time making sure the entire set can be personalized: The chicken loop release is mounted on the UPS and can be place on either the left or the right side.

Featured include:
Releasable chicken loop
Back leader lines
Front leader lines with adjustment knots
Power adjustment strap
Life line
Kite leash



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