Best Taboo 12m Kitesurfing Kite 2011

Best Taboo 12m Kitesurfing Kite 2011

Add Best Bar and Lines for an additional £289.00

Size: 12m

The Taboo introduces a new concept to building the ultimate quiver of high performance kites. Hooked or unhooked, on a wave or high above it, racing ahead of the pack or simply riding on a whisper of wind, each Taboo is uniquely engineered to optimize performance for specific riding conditions.

TABOO: Concept introduction

The Taboo was created using our ‘Ride Optimized Geometry’ concept where each aspect of the 3D design, material selection and construction techniques were made with the sole intent of creating the most perfect high performance kite in each size based on its intended riding style.

Though each size of the Taboo is unique there are design trends across the sizes in the range that define the limits of their performance. Some of these choices are illustrated below.

Modified materials usage:

Materials usage in every Taboo is adjusted according to the intended use of the kite. We modify the Dacron placement across the trailing edge and wingtip area to give the smaller kites even better crash resistance than Canopy Framing can provide and to help ensure that they can survive even a prolonged rinse in overhead waves.

Dacron use in the largest size Taboos is optimized to give the perfect blend of reduced kite weight to enhance lightwind performance while still ensuring that the wingtips are stiff enough to deliver the steering response and handling required by competitive course racers.

Modified strut layout for targeted performance:

The Taboo range uses four, five, and six strut canopy layouts to modify performance for specific riding styles.

The 4m and 5.5m kites use a quad strut layout. The quad strut layout is the optimal combination between reducing drag and providing stability in even the roughest wind conditions.


The 7-14m Taboo kites use a six strut layout which provides maximum support to all areas of the canopy for maximum efficiency. For light wind and course racing the 15m and 17m kites are designed to be as efficient as possible. They use a five strut layout to support their larger canopy area but the fifth strut in the center of the canopy is a small diameter high pressure strut, separate from the EZ-pump system. This provides maximum canopy support while minimizing drag and kite weight.


Aggressive canopy profiling and tip-to-tip shaping:

Careful LE span shaping and canopy profiling in the medium, 10-14m, Taboo sizes increases turning ability while retaining all the stability and unhooked control of the smaller sizes. Improved power delivery and maneuverability in the medium sizes makes them kiteloop machines that retain their pull all the way through any loop making them a great choice for new school riders.


Kevlar reinforced airframe construction for maximum precision, durability and minimum weight.All leading edge and strut joints on your kite are laser cut, 3D shaped and Kevlar tape reinforced.
Sure it takes a little longer and costs a little more to build kites this way, but there is no better way to connect the leading edge to the struts.

For 2010 the Nemesis NXG and selected sizes of Waroo receive our external EZ-Pump tm inflation system. Inflating your kite has never been quicker or easier and there’s never been a more durable external inflation system available for any kite.

By placing the LE attachment points on the inside of the kite rather than on the exposed outside of the leading edge we’ve been able to reduce the potential for snagging seam edges and fraying the LE Dacron. For snowkiting and All-terrain riding it makes the 2010 kites the obvious choice.
Crashing your kite is a fact of life. That’s why the perimeter of each canopy segment in every kite we make is supported with a unique reinforcement zone: isolating the canopy from impact and crash loads.
For 2010, CFT now uses an even stronger mark cloth reinforcement directly between the struts and the canopy, further enhancing the strength of your kite without adding unnecessary weight.CFT is a unique approach to the tasks of distributing shock loads across the canopy of your kite and you’ll only find it on Best kites.

The tip-to-tip leading edge seam on all of our kites is triple stitched with a full length webbing tape closure on the outside. The inside is fully taped with a full length mark cloth strip for maximum strength with all internal seams being smooth-taped to protect the bladders from any ridges of stitching. The Load Flex seam design provides additional support to the leading edge helping to provide maximum strength and stability to your kite; it is one of the reasons why Best kites are famed for their legendary flying stability.

Surf Tough describes how we build in the absolute highest quality with every kite that we make. There are no shortcuts to great performance and lasting durability. We take pride in each and every kite that we make and that’s why you will find Surf Tough features on every one of our inflatable kites.

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