Now in its 6th season, the Cabrinha 2011 Switchblade IDS remains the premiere Wakestyle Freeride kite. The Cabrinha Switchblade is designed to perform in a wide range of conditions, hooked or unhooked.

The Cabrinha Switchblade 2011is not only perfect for wakestyle manoeuvres but is also regarded as an excellent all-round freeride kite. With it’s feather light bar pressure and easy handling, the bow kite outline makes relaunch super easy!

Cabrinha Switchblade 2011 Features:

IDS 2011 Bridle
Moderate Aspect Ratio
5 Struts
Powerdrive IDS Control System
High Performance NEW Freeride Design
Improved Leading Edge Closing Seam
Tuning Options
Ultra Bomb Canopy Reinforcement
Flat Seams
New Bridle Pulleys
New Pulley Bridle Line
Industry Leading Quick Release System
Improved Airlock Valve
Absolute Depower / Depower On Demand
Simple Relaunch Feature
SPRINT Single Inflation System
Dynamic Arc Progression
Pro Span Extreme™
Full Contact™ Strut Connection
IDS 2011 Depower
Light Bar Pressure

We roll print the pattern directly onto the raw, unfinished material. The performance finishing process of the material takes place after the roller printing. The benefit of this, is that the ink is now printed directly onto raw unfinished fibers of the base material so there is an excellent absorption of the inks. Since the finishing process takes place afterwards, this seals the inks permanently into the fibers in comparison to screen printing on top of the slippery, water repellant chemicals used in the finishing process.

Since the inks are printed directly onto the raw white color material there is a very high absorption of the inks so the printed graphic is nearly the same on both sides of the material. When backlit from the sun the material is
IDS – Intelligent Depower System

The Intelligent Depower System (IDS) provides an amazing level of control with minimum rider effort and input. IDS is a simplified bridle and control system exclusive to Cabrinha. IDS produces virtually no bar pressure while delivering precise control of the steering and power of your kite.

IDS is so intuitive that it seamlessly provides 2 stages of depower. Interactive Depower on Demand while riding, and stage 2 Depower method to land your kite. Stage 2 Depower functions similar to a 5th line system, but without the complexity of the unnecessary 5th line. Our IDS equipped kites use only 4 lines for a simple, uncluttered method of control and security. Additionally, the IDS bridle maintains all of the instant relaunch functionality the Cabrinha kites are famous for.

5th line function with only 4 lines
Depower on Demand: 1st Stage of Depower
Stage 2 Depower
Improved, direct steering.
Enhanced Control System
Instant Relaunch

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