O’Brien Wakeboard Boards & Bindings

King of Watersports is loving the new 2010 O’Brien Wakeboard Wakeskates. The design is meant to give the rider more control and allow for different foot positioning. The bigger kicktails allow you to change your foot positions on tricks in a way that you can gain more leverage for more snap. The concave gives you more control for your front foot which helps with everything from wake to wake to flip tricks.


O’Brien Intox 105 Grip Tape Wakeskate 2010 Price: £249.95
Arguably the most advanced skate design on the market to date, the INTOX is helping riders land moves and expand their trick lists at an unprecedented rate. The Intox has some of the most defined concave and kicktails of any wakeskate, and they blend together to provide one of the most controllable decks on the market, allowing for better leverage and power for more skateboard style ollies, shuvits, and flip tricks…more info…



O’Brien Traffic Eco 113 Wakeskate 2010 Price: £119.94
Made of 100% renewable bamboo, the Traffic ECO is a deck you can rip on & do you part to help the planet at the same time. Superior to traditional wood skates, the Bamboo dials up more snap off the wake and greater durability than any other wood board in the industry. The higher density of the 100% bamboo construction adds more weight to the deck, adding more control in tricks….more info…





O’Brien Wakeboard Wakeskates available at King of Watersports

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