Naish Stand Up Paddle Boards 2010

King of Watersports is going full steam ahead with the new Naish SUP range, so much so we’ve even ordered the Nalu 11’6 AST Window board to play with this summer! Also if you get this board and see something random in the sea, take a pic and post it on Facebook and tell us the story about it!Stand up paddle boarding or in the Hawaiian language ‘Hoe he’e nalu’ is going to be huge this summer, is it an excellent way to build your core muscles, cardio, balance and strength. As you’re standing up on the board and not lying down as in traditional surfing, you can better prepair for the wave, brilliant for people who know nothing about surfing can learn to ride a wave! There are also surfers working on the benefits of the paddling and use the flat water routines as a workout when there’s no surf.
Naish Nalu 11’6 AST Window Stand Up Paddle Board Price: £1,249.00
The Nalu Window 11’6’’ AST comes equipped with a Plexiglass window for viewing the ocean floor. This board offers superb stability with added entertainment value for the whole family. Ideal for checking out the underwater world!…more info…


Naish Mana 10’0 Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Price £699.00 FREE Paddle!

The Naish Mana Soft Top is the same as the popular Mana 10’0″. It features a durable PE material that protects the deck, bottom, nose, tail and fins. The resilient body of the Naish Mana Soft Top is optimum choice for rentals, schools, resorts and beginners…..more info…


Naish Hokua 11’6″ Gun Stand Up Paddle Board Price £1,229.00 FREE Boardbag!

The Hokua 11’6” Gun is the ultimate SUP for serious big surf. The single concave entry with a slight double concave mid-section and V-tail, is combined with extra width in the nose area to help you get in early. The narrow pintail shape delivers the speed and control you need for going big! Also good fun in small surf…more info…

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