Hotsuits Wetsuit Heaters… because every hour in the water counts

King of Watersports are bringing this awesome new product to you at an even awesomer(?!) price! As soon as the wind and waves pick up we’re going to be out there using this steaming new product! Described as ‘The Ultimate Winter Warmer’ we can’t wait to give it a try, get your hands on one today and let us know what you think!

Hotsuits Wetsuit Heaters Price: £29.95
The Award Winning new heated kidney belt instant supplemental heat for up to 1 hour, it’s non-toxic, safe, re-useable heated gel packs compatible with any brand of wetsuit. The wetsuit heater helps to maintain your core body temperature provides additional lower back support. Overal designed to maximize your time in the water….more info…

Hotsuits Heated Wetsuits available at King of Watersports

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