In the next issue of Kitesurf Mag, you’ll see a new photo competition. We’re looking for the biggest wave kited between April 2009 and April 2010, so submit your photos to us of macking waves you have ridden during that time with the kite.

The Poole based kitesurf and surf store, King Of Watersports, have been amazing and got straight behind it when we mentioned it to them. Co owner Charlie Kernan has put up the following list of prizes for this amazing comp:

Biggest kited wave: Choice of ANY 2010 Cabrinha board. What more needs to be said?

Runner up wave: An Animal Assassin wetsuit. These brand new suits are super toasty, stretchy and generally the cat’s whiskers. You get to choose your size and gender, of course.

Best wipeout: A Sector 9 Waimea longboard skate – something to encourage you to get your dangerous carves on dry land!

Winning photographer: Go Pro Helmet Hero camera! Now you can send even more kiters to their doom in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Above is a photo from earlier this year, taken at Watergate Bay,  (it’s me by the way!) just to show that the big stuff doesn’t have to be from Indo or Hawaii or Oz or Bognor Regis, rather it could be from somewhere more accessible.

We’ve backdated the comp to April 1st 2009 and it runs ’til 31st March 2010. It’s really easy to win, just send your biggest kitesurfing wave pic to me and hope that no one sends a bigger one.

Top prizes and immortality as the world’s first big wave kitesurf award winner awaits all those who are too untalented to do handle passes.

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