The 2010 Crossbow IDS 4 is the world’s fastest kite in it’s category. Years of refinement has made the Crossbow highest performing Freeride Race kite available today. The Crossbow IDS 4 is a highly tuned wind capable of winning top level course races like the US National Championships or being only one of three kites in the world to break the 50 knot speed barrier. The Crossbow started the bow revolution and today continues to define the essence of speed and control, versatility and security.
Cabrinha Crossbow IDS 4 is Best For: 
Light wind
Jumping / Hang time

Cabrinha Crossbow IDS 4 Features

Powerdrive IDS
Ultra Bomb Canopy
Bow Kite

The Intelligent Depower System (IDS) for the Crossbow IDS 4

The Intelligent Depower System (IDS) provides an amazing level of control with minimum rider effort and input. IDS is a simplified bridle and control system exclusive to Cabrinha. IDS produces virtually no bar pressure while delivering precise control of the steering and power of your kite.

IDS is so intuitive that it seamlessly provides 2 stages of depower. Interactive Depower on Demand while riding, and an Absolute Depower method to land your kite. Absolute Depower functions similar to a 5th line system, but without the complexity of the unnecessary 5th line. Our IDS equipped kites use only 4 lines for a simple, uncluttered method of control and security. Additionally, the IDS bridle maintains all of the instant relaunch functionality the Cabrinha kites are famous for.


5th line function with only 4 lines
Depower on Demand: 1st Stage of Depower
Absolute Depower: 2nd Stage of Depower
Improved, direct steering. No pulleys on control bar.
Enhanced Control System
Instant Relaunch


The Sprint™* inflation system is a simple to use feature to quickly inflate your kite to an even pressure. The Sprint™ system uses a single inflation point to connect your high volume, two way Cabrinha pump. As you pump your kite with air, all struts and your leading edge inflate quickly and simultaneously to the desired pressure. The supplied leash pump and threaded valve connection keeps your kite under control even when pumping up directly in the wind.

Once the kite is pumped you can choose to clip off, or isolate the air contained in the struts. This way if you damage a strut while in use, the rest of the kite will continue to maintain its pressure. At the end of the session you can choose to deflate your kite completely by disengaging the strut air clips, or you can keep your struts inflated and put your kite away rolled up so that the next session will take just minutes to set up.

Single Point Rapid Inflation
Strut Air Clips 
Airlock One-Way Valve
Improved Airlow

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