Performance Innovation and Quality are the fundamentals of GOYA SAILS 2010

GOYA SAILS 2010 are the product of a passion for windsurfing shared by the entire GOYA organization. We love to windsurf, and we love to progress as sailors- the evolving GOYA products are the result of this motivation. GOYA SAILS is a rider driven company- the proof is in the product. All GOYA SAILS feature the Stretch Control System. The system was created by designer Jason Diffin, and has been time tested and proven to massively increase the range of any sail size by locking the draft of the sail in place, and maintaining the smooth flexible feeling of the sail as the wind strength changes. All GOYA SAILS also feature center cut batten pockets, which means that the batten is always in the exact center of the sail body layers- this is a stronger, lighter, more symmetrical solution than traditional batten pockets. All GOYA SAILS are fitted with custom designed, cnc tapered, high quality battens for high strength and true performance. All GOYA SAILS feature high strength double stitching in high load areas such as sleeve attachment and batten pockets.

GURU Goya Sail 2010

Wave and High Wind Comfort and Control with a flexible feeling improving on an instant classic

NEW ECLIPSE Goya Sail 2010

Worldwide Power Wave
No Limits Freestyle Wave
Direct feeling, Full power and control in any condition!

FXR 6 and FXR7 Goya Sail 2010

6 Batten No Cam Freeride
Power, Speed, Maneuvers and Control
7 Batten No Cam Freerace
Race sail speed with easy and simple rigging

NEW ECLIPSE Goya Sail 2010……….click here to view board

FXR 6 and FXR7 Goya Sail 2010…… here to view board

GURU Goya Sail 2010………click here to view board

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