2010 Goya Windsurfing Boards

Proven Lay-Up Light weight and strong construction is what we are after, and we just keep on fine tuning it year after year. Our customized lay-up system is tuned up according to the need scenarios of each size Goya winsurfing board and model. At the foot strap & landing area the reinforcements are more developed and we gradually reduce them towards the front of the board, creating a super light nose feeling, reducing the swing motion.

The Limited Edition Goya Windsurfing Board is our most advance construction bringing light weight and durability into one lay up. The worldwide, year round R&D from our team and customers is what allow us improve constantly, the result is the lightest weights with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Ltd version will come in various colors lightly sanded speed finish, bringing warmth and a radical look. The Eco-wood Goya Windsurfing Board (eco-friendly material) construction uses a combination of PVC & Wood double sandwich. This construction also combines our latest research with a competitive price. All the Eco-wood construction will come in white color and lightly sanded finish.

We develop our Goya windsurfing boards based on our day to day sailing experience and the continuous and direct feedback from our customers & riders around the world. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great windsurfing day,

Francisco Goya

Goya Custom Twin Fin ECO Windsurf Board 2010
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Goya FXR ECO Windsurf Board 2010
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Goya FXRS ECO Windsurf Board 2010
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