Cabrinha Nomad IDS 2010, the kite everyone is talking about…
Introducing the all new Cabrinha Nomad IDS freestyle wave kite from Cabrinha. This non-bow hybrid IDS kite combines the best of both worlds…a moderate C shaped arc and an IDS bridle to deliver our fastest turning kite yet.

The Cabrinha Nomad Ids 2010 is the newest kite in the Cabrinha Series… it has a more closed arc than other kites, so technically speaking it is not a pure bow kite. It still utilizes the IDS- Intelligent Depower System bridle, has super easy bow style relaunch and the same control system as the other Cabrinha bow kites.

The Cabrinha Nomad IDS creates the type of kite turns that increase in power throughout the turning arc by pivoting off of the wing tip. This makes for powered kite loops unlike anything on the market.

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