When King of Watersports had ther delivery we could not believe the presentation. Wainman Blunts were presented in their own individual box, with a board bag included for the Wainman Blunt board, even with an included screwdriver for you to set your board up with. The graphics on the board are totally original and for construction they are built like tanks While some people can ride lunch trays or even barefoot, we do understand that most kiters, if given the option, would prefer an actual kiteboard, which we fully respect. That’s why WAINMAN HAWAII have now realesed kite boards made to serve all kite-riders
BLUNT boards
Original twin tips that have been designed for freeriders and freestylers alike. The old school shape with advanced features developed by Lou Wainman and crew will provide the ultimate experience for even the most demanding riders.Now available are the Wainman Blunt Board 120CM the Wainman Blunt Board 125CM the Wainman Blunt Board 130CM and the Wainman Blunt Board 135CM

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