All these years we told you that less is more was our conviction, and this year you look at the Goya sails range and youíre asking yourself if we changed that. No, we did not. And yet some things are different. The integration and evolution of Strech Control adds superior qualities to our sails. This time proven system is the critical component providing outstanding performance in all models. Stretch Control prevents unwanted panel stretch throughout the body of the sail allowing the sail to maintain its intended shape and twist through a huge wind range. This improves handling and control dramatically. And it is the foundation for creating a look that follows and celebrates these functions thru iconic and recognizable graphics.
We are offering two wave models for 2009 to meet the needs of sailors around the world. The W3D and the Guru are not condition specific, but rather specific to the rider style. The Guru with itís PVC window and distinctive leech outline is a sail for people looking for a softer more forgiving feel, and easy depowering for high wind and easy turns. The W3D is the choice for sailors looking for more direct full power, and lots of lift. The W3D is the choice for medium to large sized riders, and riders who are looking for maximum acceleration and drive in all wind types.

Goya Guru Wave 2.7 Sail £358.95Goya Guru Wave 3.0 Sail £367.95Goya Guru Wave 3.3 Sail £375.95Goya Guru Wave 3.7 Sail £386.95Goya Guru Wave 4.0 Sail £395.95Goya Guru Wave 4.2 Sail £404.95Goya Guru Wave 4.5 Sail £417.94Goya Guru Wave 4.7 Sail £424.95Goya Guru Wave 5.0 Sail £433.95Goya Guru Wave 5.3 Sail £442.95
The new sail bags round off the new quality feeling. Heavier quality Nylon bag material, soft ventilation meshes, corrosion and freeze free, large toothed plastic zippers, comfy handles and new detailing make the 2009 sail bags protect and reflect the quality of the product inside.

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