Access to Broad Bench, Kimmeridge
One of the UK’s best waves

You’ve read the articles and seen the pictures, but did you know that Broad Bench (and around half of Kimmeridge Bay) could soon be closed to us for the vast majority of the time? Make no mistake, this is a world-class wave, we can’t let this happen!

ABBA (Access to Broad Bench Association) is asking that the Ministry of Defence take our case, listed below, seriously:

  • Kimmeridge Bay regularly produces some of the best surf in the UK
  • Surfing and windsurfing are extremely popular in this area
  • The area in question on the western side of Kimmeridge Bay is a very small proportion of the Sea Danger Area and lies at the edge of it
  • The times and dates during which access is allowed are insufficient and not relevant to seasonal patterns of swell
  • ABBA does not want or expect the firing to be reduced and fully understands the requirement for live firing exercises. But we do think that firing could be slightly modified to allow us access to this internationally significant wave at all times


    ABBA – Get involved NOW

    Kimmeridge Byelaws are being reviewed!

    Circumstances may have given us a golden opportunity to get more access to some of the best windsurfing and surfing waves in the UK!
    The Byelaw that limits our access to surf and windsurf at Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset is up for review in a couple of months. So NOW is the time that we must do all we can to influence the Byelaw review in our favour.

    We’ve set up a website at

    Please join the campaign otherwise one of the UK’s top windsurfing venues is going to be closed to us on many great windsurfing days

    Access to Broad Bench, Kimmeridge Access to Broad Bench, Kimmeridge

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