New 2009 Neilpryde Sails new in at King of WatersportsNeil Pryde Wave sails:Now in its 11th season as part of the Neilpryde wave collection, The signing to Neilpryde of double world wavesailing champion, Kauli Seadi, brought to the team a new school of wavesailing, He uses the Neil Pryde ‘The Fly’. The Neil Prde Zone is another Wave Sail. Since its reintroduction to the range in 2004, the COMBAT has re-established itself as Neilpryde’s all-round, highly durable wave sail. Irrespective of your size, ALPHA is the Neilpryde wave sail that, because of its design focus on developing controllable power and good upwind ability, is best suited to demanding onshore, or “less than ideal” wave sailing environments.

Neil Pryde ‘THE FLY’ 3.6M SailNeil Pryde ‘THE FLY’ 3.9M SailNeil Pryde Alpha Sail 3.6m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 4m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 4.2m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 4.5m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 4.7m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 5m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 5.4m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 5.8m 2009Neil Pryde Alpha Sail 6.2m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 3.5m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 4m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 4.2m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 4.5m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 4.7m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 5.3m 2009Neil Pryde Combat Sail 5.6m 2009

NeilPryde Crossover sails:The Neilpryde FIREFLY is an all new sail designed to reflect this need, and not only enable three times freestyle world champion, Ricardo Campello, to ‘bring modern freestyle manoeuvres into the wave arena, but continue to deliver the same level of ‘pure’ freestyle performance expected from the Expression. Ricardo Campello uses this Neilpryde sail. So, whether it’s flatwater blasting, jumps, basic freestyle or even riding small surf, the EXCESS – being the most versatile crossover sail in the collection – is perfectly suited to meet your needs, and match the conditions. Baptiste Gossein uses this Neilpryde Windsurfing Sail. So irrespective of whether you are looking to learn new skills, basic tricks and manoeuvres, or if you just getting onto the plane and into the footstraps, Neilpryde ZEN offers all the performance and onward progression you need

.Neil Pryde Fire Fly 4.1M SailNeil Pryde Fire Fly 4.5M SailNeil Pryde Fire Fly 4.9M SailNeil Pryde Fire Fly 5.3M SailNeil Pryde Firefly 6.9M SailNeil Pryde THE FLY 4.2M SailNeil Pryde THE FLY 4.5M SailNeil Pryde THE FLY 4.8M Sail 2009Neil Pryde THE FLY 5.4M Sail 2009Neil Pryde Zen 4.9 2009Neil Pryde Zen 6.7M 2009Neil Pryde Zen 7.2M 2009

Neil Pryde Hellcat & V8 HeliumThe Neilpryde HELLCAT’s no-cam freerace design delivers a seductive combination of speed and acceleration combined in a lightweight, easy to rig package that planes effortlessly, handles smoothly and is the most manoeuvrable sail in the 2009 NeilPryde flatwater collection. So, whether you’re blasting with your friends or fine tuning your slalom gybes, the HELLCAT is one hot ride. Antoine Albeau uses this Neilprydeflatwater Neil Pryde sail.One of NeilPryde’s longest continually produced sails, the V6 gives you the advantages of a cambered sail in a simple, user-friendly package. Pieter Bijl uses this Neilpryde flatwater sail.With 2 UltraCams, a midsize luff pocket, and softer rotation than a race sail, the Neil Pryde V8 represents the perfect balance between high end performance, solid low end power and easy handling. It’s 100% pure freerace. Micah Buzianis uses this Neilpryde Flatwater sail. Not everyone lives within easy access of ideal windsurfing conditions. And nor do all windsurfers want to use the current generation of sails that have been designed for use in light to medium airs. Recognising the need for a smaller, significantly more powerful sail, the NeilPryde Design Centre has created the all-new Neilpryde V8 HELIUM. Robby Swift uses this Neilpryde Flatwater Sail

Neil Pryde Hellcat 5.2M 2009 SailNeil Pryde Hellcat 5.7M 2009 SailNeil Pryde Hellcat 6.2M 2009 SailNeil Pryde Hellcat 6.7M 2009 SailNeil Pryde Hellcat 7.2M 2009 SailNeil Pryde Hellcat 8.2M 2009 SailNeil Pryde V8 HELIUM 6.5M 2009 SailNeil Pryde V8 HELIUM 7.5M 2009 SailNeil Pryde V8 HELIUM 8.5M 2009 Sail

Neil Pryde Racing sails:The RS:SLALOM MKIII is the third generation of our Real World Racing performance Neilpryde slalom sail. This sail takes the design pedigree of NeilPryde’s RS:Racing and builds it into a high performance sail that is easy to rig, sail and control.

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