King of Watersports would like to welcome the arrival of Wainman Kites RABBIT SERIES ? The full quiver of kites that is just like the crazy Gang from the neighborhood. Whatever happens, there is fun to be had, because with RABBITS, life is never boring.Membership is addictive and knowing all the players is just a good idea. most modern of all wind weapons ? RABBITS.Go fast, jump high and stay totally confident in all conditions. With huge range and direct pull, these are the ultimate inflatable kites to make every single session epic.

The Rabbit gang leaves no doubt who is in charge on the water. With Rabbits, it?s always you. No matter if you are still learning how to stay upwind or already throwing the sickest ones. are the all around wakestyle kites, that were designed to be simple, efficient, and perform great in a wide variety of conditions. To insure this is true for all the kites in the series each RABBIT is constructed separately, and not simply scaled to size. This is the only way to ensure the best perforamance for each and every kite size. everybody can just join the gang, you need to have that special something as well. But once you`re accepted the good life begins.And yes, Membership is addictive

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