NEW SPEED RECORD SET WITH CROSSBOW IDS Its official. Kitesurfing is the fastest sailing craft on the planet! Rob Douglas, from Martha’s Vineyard (USA) has just broken the world speed sailing record in Luderitz, Namibia on a Cabrinha Crossbow kite. The record, previously held by Antoine Albeau on a Neil Pryde windsurfing rig was just shattered by Douglas with an official posting of 49.84 knots. With his record breaking run, Rob had this to say. “The 7 meter Crossbow IDS is the perfect engine…… every run…… a Ferrari for sure!” Rob worked together with Cabrinha designer, Pat Goodman to outfit a production Crossbow canopy with a specially tuned bridle and control system for top end speed. The result of this collaboration speaks for itself. Rob’s incredible rise to the top of the speed chain did not come by accident. Rob is one of the most professionally equipped and methodical kitesurfing athletes we’ve seen in a long time….. perhaps ever. He is joined in Luderitz by Olympic silver medalist Mike Gebhart who has acted as coach, trainer and equipment assistant during the campaign. At 5’11 inches and yielding a solid 225 lbs of muscle, Rob is the perfect candidate for speed sailing. The celebration period will be short lived for Rob as he now gets back to business and sets his sights squarely on the coveted 50 knot benchmark. According to Rob, the 50 knot ceiling will fall by the end of this event. We wish Rob the best of luck for the remainder of the event. Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting couple of weeks.

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